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Simple Bone Rotation Problem ...

May 10, 2010 at 5:18 PM

hi guys,

I'm having quite difficulty with some stupid problem you will probably solve easily,

I want to rotate a head of a stickman 3d around itself but for some reason it rotates it around the model center.

yeah i know, i've read the tutorials and try that code line (transform = ... * (transform * ... )

and it didn't work.

i tried just to set the transformation of the head to Vector zero so i can see if it is drawn in the middle of the stickman but no,

it draws the head exactly where it suppose to be in the model (on top of body) i tried to use the localbonetransform but no luck either.

here is the simple code (Written In PreProccessAnimation Method)

Transform BoneTransform = new Transform();
BoneTransform.Rotation = Quaternion.Identity;
BoneTransform.Translation = Vector3.Zero;
boneSpaceTransforms[1] = BoneTransform; //Index of 1 is the bone of the head

yet the result is

<font size="2">





any help would be appriciated,Thanks!