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Anybody have a really simple skinned mesh?

Apr 6, 2009 at 6:39 AM
Has anybody got a very simple animated mesh in .x format?

I've been trying to get a .x file with animations, exported from Blender using the Geero DirectX exporter, to import properly into Xen.

With a single mesh parented to an armature with a single bone I've come very close, but the exporter includes skin weights for the bone and the mesh.  By manually removing the SkinWeights template for the mesh (!) and adjusting the XSkinMeshHeader so that nBones == 1 instead of 2, everything works fine.  Xen renders the mesh, and the animation plays perfectly. 
  Without that modification, I get an error saying there are two skeletons in the file and the one with the same name as the mesh will be left in its original position in the skeleton.  However, the resulting ModelInstance doesn't have a mesh anywhere and nothing renders.

So before adjusting the Blender exporter to make that change, I tried exporting a two-part cylinder parented to an armature with two bones in it. 
  I get the same error message from the Xen content processor saying there are two skeletons in the file, but when I do my trick of removing the skin weights named after the mesh and leaving the two named after the bones I get a different error, this time saying it can't normalize the bone weights because the/a BoneWeightCollection does not contain any values.

I've tried looking at Tiny_4anim.x, but there's a huge amount of data in there and I'm not making any progress figuring out what the file ought to look like.

If anybody has a simple .x file... like two cubes and two bones, with two keyframes for each bone, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd could pass it along.

Or if anybody's using Blender to export their .x files and has successfully imported an animated mesh into Xen... how did you get it to work???



Apr 6, 2009 at 12:08 PM
Edited Apr 6, 2009 at 12:16 PM
If you could send me the .x files that are causing problems I will take a look. I'm a programmer first, so I only can really test with the models I have on hand...