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custom content processor

Sep 17, 2009 at 3:05 AM


I gave up on integrating xen into my game engine. I would be easier to continue working the way I did instead of rebuilding the all architecture of the engine. but still I was really impress by what you did and I was wondering if you how you did your custom content processor. I not really familiar with it even if I do understand the basic concept. After I followed the first step of catalin zima's tutorial on ziggyware I realize his method didn't work for maya. What I was trying to achieve is a to as you did in you engien is to load a character and if there is a normal map load it directly. what is the tag that you use. I'm exporting from maya btw. 


Sep 17, 2009 at 11:34 PM

Hi. That's no good to hear. Was there something specific holding you back?

As for the normal maps, when scanning the MaterialContent I test for a bunch of different string names. Normally, the texture will be called 'Bump0', however, to be safe I also test for 'Bump' 'NormalMap' 'Normals' and 'BumpMap'. (case insensitive).
I'm not a huge fan of the content pipeline, but I found reflector to be invaluable for figuring out how stuff happens being the scenes.

Sep 28, 2009 at 5:36 PM


sorry I took some time to answer.  Thanks for the input, I'll try this as soon as I get back on programming. 

I had trouble using your tool because of the application class. It's really hard for someone willing to create a game editor to not been able to update when you want. I also realize than of course a graphics library is great but you still want to tweak what you need. for example if I want to do LOD. 


anyway thanks for the tricks I'll try it.