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Xen 1.5.3

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Released: Mar 1, 2009
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Release Notes

Version 1.5.3 (XNA 3.0)

[Fixed] A bug where UpdateManager.Remove() would throw an exception when the object was already removed
[Fixed] A bug where GPU ParticleSystem rand and rand_smooth were swapped on the xbox, due to texture format differences
[Fixed] A bug where the Dpad was no longer being updated in PlayerInput

[Added] Element.TryGetLayout, which attempts to get the position and size of a 2D Element
[Added] TextElement and TextElementRect now share the ITextElement Interface
[Added] TextElement and TextElementRect now can have 2D Elements embedded between characters (AddInline)

Version 1.5.2 (XNA 3.0)

[Fixed] Random distribution code for the GPU Particle Processor wasn't using an invariant culture when generating shader code, causing the compile to fail when a system number format such as German was used.

Version 1.5.1 (XNA 3.0)

[Fixed] A bug in the Model Importer which would skip content on the root node of the model

Version 1.5 (XNA 3.0)

Major update to many parts of the API

[Added] The Xen.Ex ParticleSystem 1.0 has been added, this is the largest addition to Xen.Ex yet
[Added] Particle System drawers for both 2D, 3D, billboard, lines and velocity based particle drawing
[Added] Particle System CPU and GPU processors and content builders
[Added] Xen Particle System content processor, including Particle System XML schema
[Added] Animation Override support (Manual Animation)
[Added] OcclusionQuery 'DrawPredicate' class
[Added] CullTestVisualizer class
[Added] Tutorials 18,19,21,22,23,24,25 added
[Added] BETA WinForms Tutorial mode (may be buggy if run many times)
[Added] Depth output shaders in Xen.Ex.Shaders (replaces the older, broken depth shaders)
[Added] ShaderOverride and LightCollection Draw Flags for forcing all models to use a specific shaders / lights,
[Added] BatchModel class for drawing non-animated models in large batches
[Removed] DeferredDraw() and Matrix Scaling detection have been compiled out of Xen, define XEN_EXTRA to get them back
[Improved] Animation Max Bone Count has been increased from 71 to 72 (due to Xbox compatibility improvements)
[Improved] Blur filters are now significantly more felixble (ranging from 3 sample to 31 sample filters)
[Improved] The DrawStatistics overlay has had a major facelift, it's now much simpler and colour coded
[Improved] Most Scene classes have had improvements or overhauls
[Improved] The shader compiler has seen significant upgrades and fixes
[Improved] The shader compiler works around bugs in Xbox 'AssembleFromSource()' (provided flow control isn't used)
[Improved] The animation system is now upto 30% faster on the Xbox and has better thread safety
[Fixed] Some preshader bugs with the shader compiler have been fixed
[Fixed] A number of minor bugs in the Animation System have been fixed
[Fixed] Two major bugs relating to low frequency updating in the UpdateManager have been fixed
[Fixed] Many, many minor fixes, performance improvements and tweaks throughout the API

.NET Framework 3.5
XNA GameStudio 3.0
Xen may require the DirectX SDK to be installed on some systems

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Very helpful!! Thanks!
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