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Twang! (Marklund Games)

Twang, produced by Marklund Games was a winner in the 2010 Dare to be Digital competition!
Twang won Marklund games the BAFTA 'Ones to Watch' award and also won the Dare ProtoPlay Audience Award!
Check out their website for the latest information and videos. Official trailer


Fort Zombie (Kerberos Productions)

Fort Zombie is a third person survival RPG for the PC. Xen's high performance and rapid shader development allowed Kerberos to easily draw several thousand objects per frame using a custom light-prepass renderer. Produced in record time, Xen helped Kerberos hit their deadline and get the game out for Halloween 2009.

Fort Zombie can be downloaded from websites such as gamersgate.

Fort Zombie 01

Fort Zombie 02

Fort Zombie 03

Fort Zombie 04

Xen Tutorial screenshots:

(The tutorials project is included in the xen release)
The following screenshots are all unedited captures from the Xbox360 build of Xen:

Advanced Lighting Tutorial (New in Xen 1.8):

Character Relighting 01

Character Relighting 01

500 Unique instances of the DirectX 'tiny' model. Each instance is blending two animations. Approximately 3.4 million triangles and two per-pixel light sources. 20 fps on the xbox (Full Release build):

Xen GPU Particle Systems and Draw Statistics in action on the Xbox360:

Example videos from tutorials included in xen:

Older projects completed with xen:

Whale Watch Australia

Developer: Straylight-Studios, produced for Daestra New Zealand Ltd

Whale Watch was the first real test of xen. Built on a much earlier version, lessons were learnt and now xen is much better for it.
The project was produced in 6 weeks by myself, and a work mate. It's an example of how XNA and .NET can be used to rapidly produce a product.


Whale Watch

Whale Watch

Whale Watch

Whale Watch

Whale Watch

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