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Runtime draw statistics in xen (Overview)

Because xen is a low level drawing API, it has the ability to record many useful statistics about the frame being drawn.
These statistics are available in Debug xen builds.

Statistics cover many areas, from high level metrics such as the number of triangles drawn and frame rate, right down to the average complexity of the shaders being used and the number of bytes being copied to set shader constants.

To make things even easier, Xen.Ex (the extensions library to xen) provides a class that will display some of the more useful statistics.
Adding this class to a project takes as little as 4 lines of code, and provides a number of real-time graphs displaying the statistics.
Some non-drawing statistics are also displayed, such as garbage collections and (on the xbox) the approximate activity of the 4 hardware threads.
On screen statistics provide a useful way to help track down the cause of frame rate spikes and slow downs.
  • In the background of the following example, there is a simple scene with a large number of blue shapes being drawn - the overlay shows statistics for this scene

(Note: This screenshot is from Xen 1.4, Xen 1.5 Draw Statistics default to a much simpler layout)

Statistics overlay
(click here to view full size)

Read about shaders in xen

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